Any way to have OP's pay for using gates?

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Any way to have OP's pay for using gates?

Postby Kohlerslave » July 30th, 2012, 3:22 pm

First, thanks for this mod. Really love it. Better than just randomly being able to teleport from anywhere. Gives players a reason to explore.

We have a very small user base on our server. There's really just 5 of us playing. It was easier to just make all of us OP's because, up until now, it was a really basic server with minimal mods. But now we're trying to broaden our horizon with added gameplay.

I am extremely new at permissions. I've installed PermissionsBukkit and have figured out most of it(I think). But I saw that the permissions for Stargate default to OP. I don't really want to change the status of our players because even best care scenario, one of us would be OP. Then that player wouldn't have to pay for using gate. When I deop myself, paying for gates works great. When I re-op myself, all gates are free, even with every permission in Stargate set to false.

Is there something I'm missing or is there some way to change the default so even OP's have to pay to use, create and destroy gates?

Thanks for your time and again, excellent work!


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