Installing Stargate for the first time...where do I start?

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Installing Stargate for the first time...where do I start?

Postby Xeyex » December 15th, 2012, 10:31 am

Apologies in advance for this newbie question!!

In my quest to find a limited mod to allow teleporting gates I found a ton of great information about Stargate. I would like to install Stargate on my MC server without using a ton of other mods. (In general the group I host for does not want/use mods - we build epic cool things in survival mode) but we have agreed to expand our exploration capabilities to new, undiscovered continents since many new content updates for MC don't apply to lands already explored. In our quest for the right mod, Stargate looks perfect for what we want. But after reading your site and trying to find help on the WWW etc, we are missing one major piece of the puzzle:

How do you install Stargate?

Instructions are unclear as to whether one of the mod management utilities is required. Under the "dependency" section there is no system (like Bukkit) listed as "required".

The "Instructions" included have great detail on how to use, just not how to install the mod itself. I am sure we are missing something basis but would greatly appreciate a nudge in the right direction.



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Re: Installing Stargate for the first time...where do I star

Postby Drakia » December 15th, 2012, 6:39 pm

Stargate Release Topic wrote:[TP] Stargate v0.7.9.1 - The Bukkit port. A portal plugin

Stargate is a Bukkit plugin.

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